Nitro PDF Pro - is it an alternative to Adobe Acrobat Pro?

I live with pdf files almost as much as Word .docx and .txt files.

But Adobe Acrobat Pro subscription is now $254 per year and I am looking for alternatives.

The best candidate I have seen so far is Nitro PDF Pro.

Appreciate any comments (pro or con) about it functionality compared with Acrobat Pro
– of particular interest to me are
Editing – including insert images
Optimization to reduce file size
Insert blank pages
Organize pages
Extract pages

– I do not use Adobe Cloud or any other Adobe app at all.

Thanks so much for any help.



You could buy a one time purchase of Adobe Acrobat 2020 instead of the monthly subscription.

Depending of the quantity and other uses, there’s the EverMap plug-ins to manage and edit your PDFs.

Robert Richard.

Note that Preview does everything on your list. If you mean by ‘Editing’ the changing of text, no it does not do that. It also does not do OCR or make PDF forms, but those are not on your list.

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You need Adobe Acrobat Pro or 2020 to get the EverMap plug-ins working.

Thank you!

I didn’t realize there was still a one time Adobe Acrobat Pro.
I actually have a 2017 license and can do the “upgrade” at a discount.

I hesitate for a second wondering
(a) if they have been doing updates on the 2020 app – at least fixing bugs
and (b) if they will be doing a 2023 version with permanent license

Always hard to guess what a larger vendor like Adobe will do next ;-))

Thanks again.


I often use Preview to print – it seems to print some documents much faster than Acrobat Pro – can’t predict and can’t tell why.

But it doesn’t edit text and that is essential for me.



Isn’t Nitro PDF Pro simply the rebranded PDFPen Pro, which was sold to Nitro a while back?

I take it you’ve tried PDF Expert, which costs about $80 per year?

I wish PDFPen had not been sold. I haven’t seen an update to Nitro for a long time.