Nisus Writer Pro 3.0 Hits New Levels of Word-Processing Power

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The just-released Nisus Writer Pro 3.0 brings over 300 changes to the legendary word processor, including Split View, greatly improved comments, user interface enhancements, and many bug fixes.

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Ridiculously excited by this.

Seriously. I love this application.

Love the new version. It just feels smoother. Their program is pragmatic yet so powerful (Greg searches, etc.) and though it takes time (remember the tables implementation) it is a robust and so workable when it is released .
Going to miss the old logo though. Now where is ResEdit? :wink:

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That’s excellent news - it would be good to find Greg again. I’ve missed him. :wink:


Whoops. Greg changed his name to Grep. Got to love those auto spell checkers.

Thank you, Joe, for your informative review of the latest Nisus Writer update! As I recall, split view was available in the original (pre-OS X) version of Nisus Writer. I found it useful when editing long texts, and I’m glad to see it’s back at long last.

Your note about Nisus Writer Pro’s continued EPUB export limitations is also helpful. Although I love Nisus Writer and have typeset two books in it, I’ve had to switch to Pages for the purpose of EPUB generation. But Pages has other issues, like the lack of support for non-contiguous text selection.

In any event, you’ve convinced me to upgrade to NWP 3.0, and I look forward to the improvements.

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I switched to Nisus back when Pages dropped bookmarks (now restored to Pages but…). I saw how much folks at TidBits loved the program. As a clergyman I needed a smooth, powerful word processor that would also allow me to keep a cumulative research file (I used the lectionary so every three years essentially the same texts are used). I found Nisus a God send (pun intended). It was so nice to have a WP that didn’t try to tell ME how I would work. I have loved every minute I’ve used it. The upgrade is great - adds several features I will find helpful. It continues the commitment to let people shape a program for their needs instead of a program force people to adapt to its whims!!

I only have one quibble - or wish for - frequently when I open the program I am requested to download the Osaka font - even though it is downloaded. The folks at Nisus say they have the same problem at times and aren’t sure of its source except it looks like it an Apple font situation. Would be nice to be rid of that.

I highly recommend this upgrade and always recommend the folks at Nisus!

And thank you for a great and informative review.

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I’ve been getting that same Osaka font error in Excel for months, and sometimes in Word. Glad I’m not the only one!

To keep it relevant, I tried Nisus quite a few years ago but found Pages sufficient for my minimal typing needs at the time. I did however end up needing Excel as Numbers was not handling the formulas I needed for work, so now I have Word again. Nisus does have a great following though!


I get the Osaka error with IAWriter, which doesn’t use it. Bizarre issue, glad I’m not alone.

This is exactly what I love about it. Not only is it incredibly full featured but it also is really configurable.

I have been using Nisus Writer Pro since version1, alongside Mellel and like both programmes almost equally, Nisus for shorter sprints of writing, and Mellel for those long documents. I am hard-pressed to choose between the two, but increasingly I find myself reaching for Nisus, especially since the launch of version 3. Microsoft Word is no longer in the picture, and the crippled version of Pages is well just that, a crippled version of its former self. Now if Nisus had the same integration with Bookends that Mellel has, well I might just say Nisus all the way!


Grep got lost looking for Greg.