Nice post from Jeff Carlson about the new site

(Adam Engst) #1

And now our friend Jeff Carlson (@jeffc) has weighed in on the new site.

His feedback on the logo was essential, and as he says, he was responsible for the old site’s HTML and CSS. It worked great, but like all things, its day in the sun has passed.

(@lbutlr) #2

The new logo is great. I have thoughts, of course, because I always do, but I really like it. The way the two T’s extend to match the curves in the next letters is an especially nice effect, as is the purple leaf on the i.

The rounded portion of the d could be smaller, I think, which would make the i and its leaf more prominent, and would also close up the ‘Tid’ portion of the logo a tad. Since it’s the only closed loop, it makes the logo feel like it’s too wide.

I think the purple could do with being darker as well, or maybe just less toward violet, but that’s your color scheme, so I assume there was much discussion about the specific color and there’s no point opening that back up.

(Adam Engst) #3

In fact, we shrank it a couple of times from the original version to end up here. I can’t quite remember details, but we may have asked about going smaller and the designer felt that it didn’t work as well then.

I have to say, Geoff Allen was a joy to work with on this logo design. Quick, responsive, and open to feedback. If time and money were no concern, we’d be having him do lots more stuff.

(Jolin Warren) #4

One thing that struck me the other week, is that I think TidBITS is the last holdout of the 90s fashion of having the second half of a name in all caps. One of the (many) things that’s great about this logo, is it makes this WordcapALLCAP combination look modern.

(Josh Centers) #5

If only you knew how much debate happened around that logo… :sweat_smile:

(Tommy Weir) #6

I would have increased the leaf size a tad, broken the framing of the rectangle formed by the letters. The ‘plump’ d is important for balance, you were right to keep it.

(Adam Engst) #7

Our name was a definite nod to NeXT at the time!

I quite like the second half of names in all caps because it’s distinctive looking without blowing out sentence capitalization rules, like “iPhone” or just being annoying, as in lowercase proper nouns: “Mac mini”