Newer MacBook Pros and system compatibility

Is there a chart that shows Macbook Pro builds and system compatibility? I’m looking to upgrade to something slightly newer than my current mid-2012 9,2 MBP, but still remain compatible with Mojave

Apple has that info on this page: macOS Mojave - Technical Specifications

The MacTracker app (available on mobile and Mac App Stores) shows which system any Mac model shipped with and the latest system it is compatible with. I find it much easier house as a reference than Apple’s product pages.


MacTracker is also more accurate. For instance, it shows the actual maximum amount of RAM you can install in a Mac (one with upgradable RAM, of course), which sometimes differs from the maximum listed on Apple’s product pages.

MacTracker home page


Thanks. I’ll check out MacTracker.
I also found this – I’ll have to compare it to MacTracker.

You might be aware, but just in case: the MBPs from 2016 to 2018 (roughly) have the less reliable butterfly keyboard. This page lists the MacBook Pros that used the butterfly mechanism.


Getting a mid-2015 MacBook Pro should let you have Mojave but without the butterfly keyboard.

Thanks. Any suggestions on where to find these? Apple refurbs seem to be more recent models and I’m wary of sellers on Ebay and the like. Are there recognized refurbishers out there that people would recommend?

Small Dog Electronics ( are excellent. I’ve had good luck with them. They really know Macs.


OWC ( has a variety of older models and some new. They are a reliable resource for these and many other things.


Although it’s been years since we used them, I second Small Dog. IIRC, They were recommended in TidBITS.

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In the UK, I bought a refurbished Mac recently from and I was happy with the result. This is the same company I believe as, who sell parts, and I’ve had several good experiences with them.

As someone who got a 2017 MBP hoping complaints about the butterfly keyboard are overblown - stay far away from them! I type 60 wpm, and have had many, many jobs where speed and accuracy were a necessity, which has never been a problem, even though I used whatever garbage computer my employer handed to me (I spent 15 years as a temp, so I’ve seen a very wide range of equipment). As soon as I got my MacBook Pro my typing error rate shot through the roof, and 2-1/2 years later it continues to be the worst accuracy I’ve ever had. I spend far more time proofreading everything I write than I’ve ever previously spent. I should have replaced it with the a more recent laptop, but a) I’m cheap and b) I still need to run some 32-bit apps, so I’d have to find a post-butterfly keyboard that can run Mojave.

Given current trends, I figure I’ll eventually upgrade to an M-chip MacBook Pro once the dust has settled on that transition, but until then this butterfly keyboard will be a daily annoyance.

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Good to know. I just scored a early 2015 MBP from OWC. Thanks James for the recommendation.