New Translate iPhone app?

After updating the system on my iPhone 11 Pro yesterday A new app appeared with the filename “Translate” which is the same filename as the Google Translate app, but is evidently unrelated to it and has far fewer features. Any reason I should keep it?

The new icon has a blue-on-black globe for background, unlike the Google Translate icon, which has a white background and a banner with a G on it.

It’s the new Apple translate app that was introduced with iOS 14.

Thanks. That’s what I suspected. Bizarre that they chose the same filename, but of course they want it to be the default. It looks to me as if the only advantage Apple has is more languages.

This, I imagine, is the app behind Siri’s new ability to translate.

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Another advantage is that it works offline.

Offline would be good for travel. I’ve always found Google Voice superior to Siri at least with my voice.

My native language is Spanish. In Argentina (where I live) when people marry (the only legal marriage is in the official government bureau, people afterwards may “marry” religiously) they are given a booklet with the names of the bride and groom, and, when they have children, the names of the children and their birthdays. The booklet has information for newlyweds and for child care.
The name in Spanish is “Libreta de Casamiento” (marriage booklet).
According to Translate: “Marrade Book”
Francisco Hirsch

Peerhaps this was using voice dictation? Typing the phrase into Google Translate results in “marriage book.”


It was in writing in Apple Translate