New to Discourse query

Set up my Discourse account.
Set up email delivery in Discourse per TidBits instructions.
Question: Am I to receive every Discourse conversation, and must unsubscribe to each conversation as they are delivered to my email box?
Question: Next to the TidBits +New Topic box, I clicked on the icon, but when I select Watching, there is no change to the menu. The menu looks as if there are no selections, just a read menu.

I don’t want to follow every Discourse conversation and individually unsubscribe from each conversation, unless it is a TidBits conversation. Please tell me how to stop receiving all Discourse conversations and only TidBits.

To clarify, Discourse is the software that runs this entire site. There are two main categories: Article Comments and TidBITS Talk. (There’s also a third, Site Feedback, that’s much less used.)

You should be set to Watching for TidBITS Talk, if you want all those posts, and set to Normal for Article Comments, if you don’t want to follow those conversations. Personally, I see them as basically the same content, with the single exception being that discussions in Article Comments should be related to an article, whereas TidBITS Talk discussions can be more general.

If you continue to have trouble, I can log in to your account and check the settings.

Adam, somehow, I signed up for “Discourse Meta”. I don’t see where to unsubscribe, or cancel. I only want to watch/get email from discussions about TidBits discussions, and I am not sure but anything macOS. I just don’t see anywhere in my account to cancel “Discourse Meta”. Can you cancel it somehow?

Oh dear, that’s the overall Discourse discussion forum which is completely separate from TidBITS:

Go to that site, click your avatar in the upper right corner, and click the gear icon in the pop-up menu to go to your preferences. Then click Emails in the left sidebar and uncheck everything. I’m guessing you selected Mailing List Mode there at least.

Yes, corrected now.