New SSD for 2015 MacBook Pro?

Hoping to take advantage of any sales this week: I’d like to upgrade the SSD in my early 2015 MPBr 13". I opted for more RAM vs a larger hard drive and didn’t realize until recently that I could actually upgrade this myself. I have 16gb RAM

When I upgraded my 2008 MP, I bought an entire kit from OWC, which included tools and a case to turn the old drive into an external. I see they still offer the same for my current machine, is this still worth it?

Is there another company and/or drive I should be considering?

Is it worth replacing the battery while I’m in there? It was replaced in May 2018 when I had the case replaced (for a missing foot!). Cycle count is 1051 and condition is “Normal”. It doesn’t last as long as it used to but it’s not horrible. One of the instructions I found makes it sound like you need to remove the battery to replace the hard drive anyway.

Thanks for any advice!

Only advice I have here is don’t get a reconditioned one, as mine failed. They sent a replacement along but it was a tad annoying. Customer support was excellent as always.

This could be helpful, @dianed143. Looks really quite straightforward.

I just upgraded a 2015 15 in Macbook Pro to a 1TB from the original Apple 500GB. I got a Dataram SSD from 1800-4-memory on their ebay site. I also bought this case to put the old Apple SSD in. OWC Envoy Pro - SSD Enclosure for 2013-Current Macs
Everything went smooth.
Don’t know about the battery. I just had the battery recall done by Apple, but it is only for 15 inch.

Hi Diane,

I’ve done what you are proposing with a 15" Retina MBP several years ago. The DIY replacement is easy and well worthwhile. Almost a no-brainer!
I’d wait to replace the the battery until it is more problematic causing a shorter life when not connected.

John W

Thanks John! I did decide to hold off on the battery after all, when I watched the videos the two don’t seem to be near each other. My box came in today, but apparently I need to upgrade to HS before starting the process so I’ll need to find a chunk of time. Pretty excited to get this going! :slight_smile: