New PDFpen 11 Introduces Split View and Font Bar

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Smile has updated its PDF editing apps, PDFpen and PDFpenPro, to version 11, offering a new Split View capability, a Font Bar for easy PDF text formatting, and other welcome conveniences.

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Went to buy PDFpen from Smile site. Put in the coupon code your article said to get discount. Got a msg to use a correct coupon code. What is the matter?

Sorry about that! I’ll check with Smile—it was probably just an expired code or one that’s not attached to the new version.

Yep, just an oversight with the coupon code not being attached to the new products. Smile tells me it’s fixed now. Thanks for letting me know!

Tried again. It worked!

PDFpenPro costs $124.95 new and $30 for upgrades.

I am unable to find a link in your article or on the Smile website for that $30 upgrade to PDFpenPro. I’ve been searching for it but without success.

Smile’s page about the upgrade says that you should download the new version and follow the screens to upgrade. I’m not at my Mac now, but I suspect PDFpen 10 will prompt you to upgrade as well.

Thanks for steering me to that page. I am able to download, but every time I double-click on the dmg, I get this:


I got the same thing, so I contacted their customer support. They sent me a direct link that worked.

I then asked them why the one on their site didn’t work and they said "We aren’t sure why the web link didn’t work for you. However I’ve notified our engineers and they are looking into it. "

The implication being it didn’t work “for [me].” I’m glad to see I’m not the only one.

The odd thing is that the downloaded file that wouldn’t open was only 512K.

BTW, I’ve used the standard version of PDFpen as part of my Setapp subscription.

It’s actually very much like the “Nuance PDF Converter for Mac” that’s downloadable for free with the latest Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500 doc scanner, which I recently upgraded to from my (Mac centric) 7-year-old Fujitsu S1500M. The interfaces are very similar in fact.

I have a trial for Adobe Acrobat Pro CC, which is probably still the best for multi-language (or even mutli-English: US/UK/AU/NZ/CA) OCR-ing accurately, along with a host of other features. But I cannot really justify it’s £15/mth cost for essentially scanning and OCR-ing docs!
Why it’s still so high?? …and Adobe won’t seemingly offer you the standard non-Pro CC version for less either, AFAICT!