New Mac ads "Behind the Mac"

(Simon) #1

Wonder if this is just marketing fluff or if it’s a sign Apple plans to actually refocus on Mac.

Recall, they still owe us a new MP, the mini hasn’t been updated in like 1300 days or so. iMac, MB, Air, and MBP are all at least a year without any upgrades, bumps, or price adjustment. Nevertheless, the campaign wasn’t called The Mac Behind. :wink:

Reminds me how I do miss the glowing Apple logos.

(Simon) #2

Apparently, other professional Mac users are miffed by this as well and they’re being quite vocal about it. Looks like Tim might be in for another come-to-Jesus moment.

(Al Varnell) #3

This lack of updates could easily be related to the Intel/AMD rumors.


If you consider building brand awareness and loyalty, developing customer relationships, and influencing audiences to buy products is simply fluff, then I think this is very campaign is very compelling fluff. These ads are all “fluff” that tugs at heartstrings, like the blind photographer whose work is featured in the Smithsonian’s permanent collection, the app developer who is making transportation in Rwanda safer, the popular singer/songwriter who struggles with mental illness, and more.

If it wasn’t for the Apple logo “behind the Mac,” you wouldn’t know why the struggling faces and the crowd of kids gathered around the laptop ended up smiling. But everyone knows what the Apple logo is, and here, it lets you know that if you try hard and stick with it, you can do something wonderful with a Mac.

It’s technology + passion + dedication, and IMHO, it’s brilliant.


Nope. This intro and the commercials are clearly not preaching to the already converted; the goal is to convert non-believers that Macs will enable you to do something wonderful. The 60 second commercial on Apple’s home page includes footage of people using million year old white MacBooks, emphasizing that even ancient Macs will help you be creative, productive and successful.

Notice the 100% difference in emphasis in the intros for the Touch Bar MacBook Pro:

IMHO, I suspect that one of the goals of the new ads created to convince the heathens to want Macs even though they might have read they might end up with a keyboard that sucks.