New iPhone SE is here

Well it’s finally landed. As expected, it an 8 on the outside, with the internals of the 11. $399 for a 64GB iPhone with an A13 is a really sweet deal.

I bet these will sell very, very well.

A pity it’s not really small. I would have preferred a more expensive device that tries to be the “old” SE in terms of form factor, but has a chin/bezel-free screen like the X. That would have also rendered about 4.7" of usable screen, but in a package substantially smaller than the 8-like new SE. That would for sure have not been cheap and I admit, battery life should be better this way too. I went from a 6 to an SE because I felt the 6 was too big. Couldn’t operate it with just one hand. Looks like Apple will force me to give up one-handed use when my SE dies. Sniff. :wink:


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