New iPhone - Product Red?

For as far back as I can remember, I’ve always purchased the Product Red iPhone; partly for the charitable contribution factor and partly for the aesthetics. I admit that the bright color makes it much easier to find the phone in my purse or backpack. I know I could just buy a brightly colored case but still have a soft spot for the charitable factor of Product Red.

I’m disappointed as there don’t appear to be any Product Red options in iPhone 15. Has anyone heard anything about the future of the Product Red line? I’ve tried contacting Apple but can’t find anyone w/any info about this.

Thank you!

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As far as I remember there was no announcement about product red either way with the iPhone 15. There isn’t even a product red case for the 15 series.

That said, there is still a product red page, and the 14 and 13 still have red, and still have red cases, and there is a red Series 9 watch this year. So Apple is still involved with the charity.

Every year Apple has done a spring mid-cycle special color for the latest phone series. This year it was yellow with the iPhone 14 and Pro. Maybe they’ll do red in spring 2024?

I think Apple does things like the auto makers, bring out the new models in a few easy to produce colors and when those sales peak and start to drift down that they bring out the snazzier colors to pump new sales. If you really want one, I would wait a little while and I’ll bet one shows up.

In the past my interest in a new iPhone never coincided w/the release of new models. When I wanted/needed a new iPhone, Product Red was always available. Guess I assumed they’d been released when the new models became available, never occurred to me they were a later add on.

Not in any hurry, I can wait to see what happens. Mainly interested in the iPhone 15 as it’s USB-C, not lightning. Tired of having to keep track of which cord is for the iPhone, which is for my iPad & MacBook. Trying to simplify.

Thank you.

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