New Finder bug: column view not showing new folder

Has anybody else observed this new (at least to me, now on the latest Sonoma) Finder bug?

In column view, you select a folder from your sidebar and in that folder you select another folder. Then you hit shift-cmd-n to create a new folder. You observe your scroll bars adjusts (indicating a new item was created), but the Finder does not jump to the new folder or show you its highlighted name. It just jumps to what appears to be the bottom of the list of contents in that parent folder. You can start to type (as if you were naming that new folder that you can’t see), but the Finder will honk at you as if nothing were selected and you weren’t allowed to type. So you figure somehow you must not have created that new folder after all. So you close that Finder window. Then you open a new Finder window and navigate back to that parent folder from before and lo and behold there is now an “untitled folder” residing right there after all. So you did create it after all, but apparently Finder didn’t show it or allow you to rename it!

I cannot always reproduce the bug. It seems to only work with folders where there’s so much content that column view only shows a portion of the contents in the window and displays a scroll bar to indicate there’s more below. I also only seem to be able to recreate it when the list contains so many items that start in a-t so that a new item named “untitled folder” is created below the items visible in that column view Finder window (assuming alphabetical ascending sorting).

I can reliably recreate the bug in 3 different folders on my main work Mac. But not in others and I cannot tell what the defining difference is. Has anybody else ever seen this? Any ideas for a workaround. In the meantime, I guess I’ll work on submitting that bug report to Apple.

I just tried a few times (on Sonoma) and can’t reproduce it. I’m not a big user of column view so unlikely to see it in normal use but nothing would surprise me with the Finder. I was doing a lot of file sorting last night and several times it just stopped responding - for as much as 15-20 seconds before coming back to life.

I see the behaviour you describe in Big Sur. I can reveal the new folder by navigating to another folder and back again. From then on the new folder works fine until I close the Finder window, go to another app and then back to Finder, then I see the bug again. So it seems to be a first time through bug. Also the bug is only apparent if the first time is where there are more subfolders than will fit in the window. Hope this helps!

Thank you. A bit disconcerting that this can be traced back as far as Big Sur. Ugh.

I see the same behavior @ronmc described with Sonoma. I don’t recall seeing it in Big Sur, though.

With a sample size of 2, I’ll report this does not happen in all cases with Big Sur (11.7.10).

My testing satisfied those conditions. In one case, the “untitled folder” was the first item below the visible list when I told the Finder to create a new folder, and the list adjusted to make it visible. In another case, the “untitled folder” was more than one item below the visible list, and again the list adjusted to make it visible. In both cases, the words “untitled folder” were selected so I could immediately rename the newly created folder. (In other situations, that hasn’t always been the case, but the folder has always been visible.)

That’s all I’ve got, but feel free to ask questions.

As I described above, I cannot get it to systematically reproduce even on Sonoma. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t, and it’s not (yet) clear to me what else is required for it to show. But the fact that somebody can reproduce it on Big Sur proves it’s not a new bug.


Yes, you did, and I just ignored that in the euphoria of not sharing a newly reported bug. Sorry about that.

No worries.

I’ve reported it to Apple. Considering this bug apparently has been around since at least Big Sur and is now still in Sonoma, I’m not really holding my breath.