Netflix Removes AirPlay Support from Its iOS App

(Josh Centers) #1

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Netflix has removed AirPlay support from its iOS app, citing “technical limitations” that outside observers suspect have more to do with the competitive landscape than anything else.


(Allen Gainsford) #2

I’ve seen a lot of online speculation that Netflix has done this because they can’t stop people using AirPlay to broadcast to unauthorised receivers which might be able to capture the stream and record it.



(Adam Engst) #3

Are there any devices that support AirPlay and can record? I’m not aware of any such things, and since AirPlay has to be licensed from Apple, it wouldn’t seem all that common.


(Josh Centers) #4

There are much easier ways to record content from Netflix. Screen record from a Mac or HDMI capture from an Apple TV, for instance. I don’t visit torrent sites much anymore, but I’ve never seen a lack of Netflix originals on them.


(Doug Miller) #5

I know that I’ve seen complaints about this, but how many people really use the Netflix app on an iOS device and AirPlay to watch it on a TV? As annoying as the auto play of trailers is on the Netflix app, it’s just so much easier, better on device battery as well, and I think better quality to just use the Netflix app. I am not sure that using AirPlay is all that common with Netflix. Is this really a huge loss?


(gastropod) #6

I used it because my net connection is too slow to stream anything that benefits from high resolution, such as Attenborough documentaries. Downloading on a fast connection then airplaying worked better than trying to stream.

I’ve already canceled them though, because I don’t watch much video anyway, They don’t have much I want to watch, and the price keeps going up.


(Allen Gainsford) #7

If there isn’t, someone is probably working on one! Certain sectors of the computing world would undoubtedly see it as a challenge.

But I don’t have any hard information; just repeating what I read…and it will probably come as no surprise that I read it on Slashdot.


(jimthing) #8

I wish we here in the UK had the new Criterion Channel service. I’d signup for that one in a heartbeat to watch a lot of the best films ever made. $11/mth or $100/yr is a fairly decent price, IMO.

(…no I don’t work for them!)