Need Help with Firefox

I’m trying to get support with Firefox but when I try I’m told that 1. my email is linked to a different account 2. the account is inactive, & 3. to contact an administrator

Problem is there wasn’t a link to admin. After a search I found a page that said to contact about an account problem to go to this page to get help. I go there and click on one of the supposed helpers and I’m told to log in. So it is a Catch 22 site: If you can’t log in, contact an admin but in order to contact an admin, you have to log in first! This reminds me WHY I dumped FF years ago for Safari. Unfortunately more and more websites are blocking my access if I use Safari on my iMac as I’m maxed out at Version 13.1.2 (13609.

So does anyone have a magic way to get help with Firefox accounts? Or should I just trash FF again?

I use FF as a backup browser and I have used it for many years, some years as my primary browser.
I have never had a FF “account”.
What is a FF “account”?

A Firefox account is only needed if you want to use their “sync” service to synchronize configuration/bookmarks/passwords across multiple installations of the app using their servers.

If you don’t want to sync installations, or if you’d rather do it manually (by copying the two database files from one profile to another), you really don’t need their account.

You can also use a FF account to manage lists of favorite themes and add-ons from the FF web site.

That having been said, can’t you just provide your e-mail address and go through the “forgot password” procedure? If you don’t have a recovery key, it will end up resetting sensitive stored information, but it should let you log in to the account again.

Although FF used to use a user ID, I don’t think it’s used for much of anything these days. All of the associated logins seem to use your e-mail address as the user name.

What specifically are you trying to do? And what have you already tried?

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Yep, went that route & created a new password. But when I tried to log in, that was when I received those messages. Here is the screen shot

And, apparently, if you want to ask for help.

Some things to look into:

  1. Do you have an old/duplicate Mozilla profile folder in
    /Users/YOUR USER NAME/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles/ ?
  2. Do you have a plugin or a setting that is preventing cookies from being set?
  3. Do you have a permissions problem that prevents you from writing to your profile folder?

You might also try creating a test Mac user account, logging into it, opening Firefox, and trying to login to your Firefox account from the new Mac user account. That could tell you if the problem is with the Mozilla profile in your regular Mac user account.

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Where is “this page to get help”? What is meant by one of the “supposed helpers”? Is the “helper” a link to an answer? Is it a link to a person?

By the way, I think the “contact an administrator” may mean “contact your local IT support person.” I realize that may not be helpful if you are that person.

The support page talks about the Admin for the forum. It talks about issues where, for example, someone is posting offensive material on the forum. I don’t think anyone here has much influence on Mozilla’s forum.

We might be able to help you with Firefox, however.

What are you trying to with Firefox?
What is not working with Firefox for which you need help?

I think the OP means an account on the Mozilla support forum (now on Discourse), not the Sync account.