Need advice on next step of "fixing" my startup drive

I just had to use Disk Warrior from a back-up disk to “fix” my main
computer drive. That is now done, but I’m unclear about whether
clicking reset will restart the backup computer I was using or whether
it willl default to the computer’s main drive (what I want to happen).
Otherwise, it looks like I would have too shut down and start up
fresh on the newly revived main drive.

OR can I just hold down the option key when I push the reset option I’m given – will that get me the choice of disks to choose for that reset or will it get me my regular start up (the disk I ran Disk Warrior on

I’m not doing anything until I’m sure what I’m doing :wink:


Hi, Louise,

The DiskWarrior manual says this:

  1. If you have started your Mac OS computer from a disk besides your normal startup disk (such as an OS X Recovery Disk), select “Restart” from the Apple menu to resume running from your normal startup disk

If you restart and hold down the Option key, the computer will show the Startup Manager. From here, you can choose which disk will start up the computer.

Hope this is what you were looking for.

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