Mystery result from printing a test page

Se the attached picture. I was having problems with the quality of the prints on my Inkjet Epson ET-3700. When the Print Test Page indicated that all was well, I made a gradient in Photoshop that had all the primary and secondary colors. When I printed it I got this surprising result. I did one more round of cleaning and now I got no white stripes with the same test.
I am happy but wonder if anybody has seen something like this before and has an explanation? It is uniform spacing approximately 10,4 mm (0.41 inch) between the missing cyan ink. With a magnifying glass I have confirmed that it is no ink in the white lines. Maybe the last cleaning was unnecessary because this looks more like a computer error than a hardware error?

I have had that same issue with a few Epsons. Calibrating the printer helps. I also discovered that sometimes the lines appear only in certain print settings. Sorry I can’t remember but suggest you experiment with the quality and color quality settings.

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My guess is that the last cleaning pass cleared a persistent clog in one cyan nozzle/cluster.


So your guess is that the printhead is printing approximately 10,4 mm on each pass from one side to the other? Interesting. Somehow I believed it was narrower, but that definitely can explain it.

If the line had been completely across the page I would have blamed the paper feed mechanism but the lack of white in the red indicates it’s definitely the cyan printhead.

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15 years or more ago, we wife as was had a large-format Epson printer she used for printing photos. Every so often it would do this, almost always with photos she was trying to print from Photoshop (somewhere in the 7 to 9 version range). I seem to recall that simply running the cleaning routine, and repeating as necessary, always resolved the issue, so I believe it is, indeed, just a single jet that’s clogged. But as noted above, my experience with Epsons and indeed all inkjets is of that vintage.

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