My phone is creepy smart

The other day I was at a client that I only go to once a week, and I wanted to remind my SO that I was out there.

I was sending him text that said “I’m in xyz today”. All I’d typed was “I’m in” and the actual town popped up as a suggestion. (I thought that had to do with location, but I just did it now and it gave the same suggestion, so I’m guessing I’ve just typed that to him a lot in the past year.

That same day another client texted me, and I went to reply “I’m at a client and I will check out your issue when I get home. As I typed “I’m at” the suggestion was Current Location, which if I select that, immediately sends an actual map to the recipient. I’ve never seen that before.

Also the map suggestions: Thursday at 1:08 pm, my phone told me it was 11 minutes to a client I normally go to on Thursday. I have seen these notifications come up with different suggestions over the past couple of years. I am guessing those are day-based? Sometimes I get them first thing in the morning, but I’ve been going to this particular client around 3pm lately, and ironically that day I was on the way there but had stopped off for an errand in my own town first. That’s when I got the notification.

My phone is a SE and I’m still running the newest iOS 12, but it feels to me that some features just magically show up as time goes on.