My new MacBook Pro M1 Pro 14-inch, opening, migration and more

This is my first new computer in 8 years. I ordered it right after the presentation on October 19, and it arrived yesterday. I can’t think of a negative thing to say about it. It’s blazingly fast compared to my late 2013 MacBook Pro retina 13-inch.

I ordered the base model, plus upped the RAM to 32 GB (compared to 16 GB on my old computer) and increased the internal storage to 2 TB (compared to 512 GB on my old computer). This was important because I couldn’t even fit my Photos library on my internal drive anymore; it had been on an external SSD. Photos app is much quicker now, and it will make backups going forward easier too.

Using the Migration Assistant it was very straightforward to migrate my data by connecting my Time Machine drive to the new MBP using a nifty, lightweight, inexpensive adapter (that’s an affiliate link, but I do like it) I got that includes three USB ports and an Thunderbolt 3 compatible Ethernet connector, replacing the old Apple Thunderbolt 2 Ethernet connector I had. It works very well. My network speed is great, and I am able to connect my external drive and my old hub with the Time Machine drive and Carbon Copy Cloner drive to it.

Absolutely no problems so far. It’s beautiful, bright, and did I say fast? It’s amazingly fast compared to my 2013 computer. Everything is like instantaneous.

Please see my blog entry for lots of photos and more detail.