My new 2021 iPad Pro 11-inch is the best one yet

I love everything about the new iPad Pro that I didn’t like about my previous one. you can read more about it here.


Did you sell your 12 inch through an online reseller, or personal sale? I have the new 11 inch and will not need my 12 in or 9.7 in as it combines the best of both of them.

Usually I sell my old devices at Yahoo Auction (the main auction site here in Japan) where I have a high seller score.

But this time I decided to try Craigs List for the first time, with some trepidation. I got a few low-ball offers, and then a very sincere artist who had the 11 inch and needed a bigger screen for her work, decided to also take a chance and offered me my asking price and it worked out very well.

My iPad 12.9 inch was still under month-to-month warranty, and she even bought me Apple gift cards to cover keeping up the warranty through the end of the year. She loves it, and we’ve had some nice communications back and forth.

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Received a new 11-inch last Friday to replace my 2018 model whose screen I recently put a major crack in. Installed the iPadOS 14.6 update yesterday, and found the experience strikingly different from updating the older machine: before, the time between the end of the download proper and the beginning of the update itself was loooong (15 - 25 minutes). On the M1 machine, it appeared to take no more than 5 or 6 minutes (wasn’t timing it); in any case, much faster.

In typical use, my old machine lost 40 - 50% charge in a normal day’s usage, enough so that if I planned a day out of the house (not so much in the last year), I’d charge it at the 50% mark, just to be sure. The new iPad Pro hasn’t used more than 15% of full charge per day yet. I suspect that’s not too realistic, but the difference is stark.