My husband can't get Universal Control to work

Here’s another tale of Universal Control woe from my husband. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated:

I have a 2020, M1, 13" MacBook Pro and a fifth-generation, 12.9" iPad Pro running MacOS Monterey 12.3.1 and iOS 15.5 respectively. I’m unable to get the Universal Control feature to work between them: the cursor refuses to move from the MacBook screen to the iPad screen. Both devices are on the same WiFi network, and both are signed into iCloud with the same Apple ID and password. Bluetooth and Handoff are enabled on both devices. Universal Control is checked in Preferences > Displays on the MacBook.

I thought I was doing everything needed to make Universal Control work, but it looks as though I’ve missed or messed up something. Any advice? Thanks…

Does the iPad show up in the MacBook’s Display Preferences?

Thanks Tommy. Here’s the details:

Thanks for the response. Yes, the iPad does appear in the MacBook’s Display preferences, but only as a mirror for the laptop screen.

You probably have but just to ask - have you stepped through Apple’s note on this? Universal Control: Use a single keyboard and mouse between Mac and iPad - Apple Support

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And now here I had the same issue when I set up my two computers in the studio. I had to enable Handoff in the general Sys Preference tab and restart both before Universal Control could work.

My husband much appreciates this good advice, and here’s his thank you note:

“Problem solved by updating the MacBook Pro to macOS Monterey 12.4. I now have Universal Control across it and the iPad.“

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