Music playlist playback order gripe

Not so much a Siri issue but an Apple Music gripe nonetheless. I typically play my ‘main playlist’ which has several hundred songs. Sometimes I like to scroll back through the history and listen to a series of songs from the list. Eg. I might be playing song 300 but want to go back to song 275 and hear 275-300 again.

Sounds easy but no, Apple Music plays song 275 then skips straight back to song 300 again, completely ignoring the other songs in history.

In any other music medium - vinyl, cd, dvd, cassette, cartridge etc - it would play all the songs if you skipped back in time. In order to achieve this in Music I have to come out of my playlist then go back into it again, scroll all the way through to ‘song 275’ (rather than a short scroll in history) and then start playing the playlist again.

It’s the little silly things which irritate the most.

Of those silly little things, I don’t know what irritates me the most, when they try to reinvent the wheel and usually fail miserably, or when they don’t even try to make it work as well as everyone has come to expect it to work.

I would report it as a bug.

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I’m not sure if the following meets your usage style, but on the Mac you could View as Songs, then sort by Last Played, in ascending order. Then scroll back as far as you want and start playing from there. To push the order to your other devices, right click the playlist and select “Copy to Play Order”. It’s not intuitive that you’d have to do that but it works.