MS Remote Desktop: send middle click without mouse?

Unfortunately, at work I have to deal with a few MS Windows systems (there’s high-end lab equipment that only comes with Win drivers believe it or not). Now that much of this work has to occur remote I’ve been using MS Remote Desktop to access these systems through our VPN. On my MBP I use two-finger tapping to emulate right clicks and of course that works just fine on MS RD too. But today I needed to actually middle click a widget (if any of you are familiar with EDM you’ll remember that PV names are revealed by middle click). Is there any way to get a middle click through to MS RD without attaching an actual mouse?

I managed to come up with a solution.

You get a middle click if you do a three-finger tap after you’ve deselected Sys Prefs > Trackpad > Point & Click > Look up & data detectors.