Move Stickies notes from High Sierra to Sonoma on new Mac

Thanks to all your advice, I did buy a refurbished MacBook Air M2. It is running Sonoma. What a frustrating experience going from High Sierra to Sonoma! One App that didn’t migrate files is Stickies! The Apple specialist who did the migration couldn’t figure out how/why to transfer my notes and didn’t find anything from Apple.

Does anyone know how I can transfer Stickies from High Sierra to Sonoma?

(I have SO many more questions, but those are for another topic!)

I’ve never used stickies, but a web search returned these two sites that discuss moving the Stickies data to a new machine. I hope it’s helpful.

@jtummins Thanks for responding. I will try the first approach. I didn’t want to export my Stickies to Notes. Too many of them!

When I updated to High Sierra years ago, I was able to export the data to High Sierra and thought the same would happen to Sonoma. Wrong! So much has changed!