Mouse recommendations for use with MacBook Pro?

While testing to see if I had trackpad problems, I started using a bluetooth Apple mouse I had lying around here. It might be from my old iMac. Not sure. Anyway, I was surprised to see how comfortable it was using it, even with the small amount of free desk space I have. I might want to continue using a mouse with my MBP.

One thing that’s nice about clicking with the trackpad, though, is the two-finger click, which acts like a right-click / control-click. The Apple mouse I’m using doesn’t work that way. Are there any mouses from Apple that do, or other mouses people can recommend to use with their MBP?


It’s been ages since I used an Apple mouse (Magic Mouse?), but I recall being able to configure it such that a tap to the left side meant regular click, while tap on the right side amounted to right click (ctrl-click). I do not recall being able to choose 2-finger vs. 1-finger tap.

Sys Prefs > Mouse is bound to offer all the choices there are for your model.

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Ah, right. Settings. :slight_smile:

It seems with this mouse you can double-tap to get Mission Control, which is nice.

And there is a setting you can turn on so that clicking on the right side (rather than the left or center) acts like a right-click. So nice.

I usually don’t use my mouse with my MBP, but for some reason am finding it comfortable the last couple of days. Maybe the “travel” is quicker or something.