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I have used Splash ID Safe for many years. It has worked satisfactorily, and the current version is 64 bit compatible.

But I was contemplating changing and wondered what others are using and recommend (or don’t recommend). A quick scan of the archives turned up 1Password, but I didn’t see anything else. What advice do you recommend?

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I used 1 Password and then Dashlane. I have stayed with Dashlane.
Simple and easy to use the data on multiple devices.

Have no idea how the security of the various apps compares.


PasswordWallet. PasswordWallet

The data file is on my computer, is automatically backed up with everything else, is easy to find, and is mine forever. It was one of the first many, many years ago and is still being updated.

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1Password. Their security methods are audited by an outside third-party.

I like their use of haveIbeenpwd service, in case my details ever appear in any darkweb data dump. So I can be sure to change them. Plus the functionality of knowing which sites have just enabled 2FA, so I can thus enable it on my account forthwith. ;-)

EDIT: I should also add that the 1Password support forums are actually staffed by 1P staffers, and they always help solve any issue or misunderstanding you may have about the product. It’s especially one of the very reasons I use them, as well.

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I’ve been using LastPass for years and have very few complaints. It’s very dependable which is good because I depend on it a lot!


So is there any problem with Splash ID? I, too have been using it for years, ever since it was originally released for the Palm Pilot. It never gets a mention in any reviews I’ve seen anywhere.


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I am 1Password user and can endorse it wholeheartedly. At the very least there has been no incidents like yesterday’s LastPass announcement

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Yes, 1Password seems to be the crowd favorite, but I have a lifetime subscription to SplashID. I’d hate to give that up and pay an annual subscription. As I said, SplashID is never mentioned, even in a bad way.


Wow…there’s a trip down memory lane! I also used SplashID on my PalmOS devices. I even found an ancient (2008) backup of the SplashID DB on my Mac. To be honest, I totally forgot about it, but from the web site it looks a lot like LastPass (which I currently use). Can’t speak to whether it has the same functionality (browser integration, for example). The price is slightly lower than LP ($30 vs. $36 per year). But if you have some sort of grandfathered subscription plan (lucky you!), then unless there is some functionality 1P or LP have that Splash doesn’t, I don’t see why you’d switch.

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Used SplashID for many years then 1Password for a few and started 2022 using Minimalist.
Simple. Clean. Syncs everything. Responsive developer. Happy user.
Free trial for 10 items then annual subscription payable monthly or one-time purchase which is what I did.
Worth at least checking out for some of us…
Minimalist Password Manager


Switched to Password Wallet last spring. Migration easy. Wife and I both pleased. Agree completely w/ Mr. Burt.

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1Password was excellent until they decided to go for the corporate market and mostly ignore the consumer market at the behest of their VC investors. They deliberately removed features that made the product more secure than it is now, lie about how much better their solution is, and have completely removed the ability for a user to back up and restore their own data independent of 1Password the company, not to mention the now inability of a user to store their data at a location of their choosing…their answer is…we re smarter than you, trust us. Some of their claims are technically true…but irrelevant…for instance if cracking a v7 database stored on DropBox takes 10,000 centuries and their ‘Secret Key’…which is just a forcibly long second password…increases the time to crack to 100,00 centuries…who the frick cares? 10,000 centuries is plenty for almost every user…and in the vast majority of cases that 10,000 number is way smaller than actuality…so in this case better is the enemy of good enough and the loss of critical other features doesn’t overcome that minuscule improvement in actual security.

V8 is…well…all about the Benjamins unfortunately…and is aimed at the business market to the detriment of individual users.

V7 is a fine product and I will use it until it breaks…but v8 is off the table until they restore the lost features…if not many users who understand security will go elsewhere.


My wife still uses that…but it’s integration into browsers is terrible, it’s supported by a one man operation, and it very rarely sees any updates or added features because the author…despite being a good guy who wrote a decent for its time product…has largely moved onto whatever his next interest is. It still gets very occasionally updated…but he’s got zero interest in actually improving the product or adding features that most modern password keepers have like attachments, secure documents, a functional and user friendly sync mechanism between platforms, etc. I used to use it myself but now that I’ve become accustomed to having those more modern features…it isn’t possible to go back.

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We’re dating ourselves.:slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, that’s the price for Premium. However, if you can get a few others to go in on it with you, get the Family plan for up to six users for a total price of just $48/year or as low as $48/6= $8/user/year.

  • Each account is completely private; your passwords are not shared with with anyone else on the plan.
  • Existing Free and Premium accounts can be combined into a Family.
  • Family accounts can be split into Premium or Free accounts.

For more details, see the Family FAQ.

from MacRumors…
LastPass Hacked for Second Time This Year

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I have been using PasswordWallet (PW) for many years. I want local control of my passwords file and I don’t mind having to tell it when and where to enter my username/password. I also keep lots of notes (but no pictures) in my PW. The passwords are stored in an encrypted file on your device (separate versions are available for MacOS and iOS) and you can sync between devices over Wi-Fi. For me, it works just fine. Others want more features so they prefer other apps.


I, too, have used SplashID Safe as my backup password manager now for over a decade. It syncs with all devices so when I need information, there it is. I find it to be my stalwart app to use when all these other apps, e.g., 1Password, keep adding superfluous touches ‘fixn’ what ain’t broke.’ Best, Patrick


Randall: SplashID Safe works fine for me. I have a lifetime subscription and couldn’t be happier with it. It has no ‘bells and whistles’ I don’t want. Best, Patrick


What advice do you recommend?

There are a bunch of options and most have been discussed on this forum…but each user needs to do their own analysis of which features are important to them, then see which have those features and the choices get narrowed down pretty quick. Subscription or stand alone license…cloud storage on the apps servers only or on any cloud service…what devices and/or OS do you need…sync or not…browser plugins or not…do you need attachments to files or not…do you need secure notes or not…do you care about native clients in all of your devices and OS or not…do you want to support a small/single person developer or a larger company…how easy to get existing data in or out…do you want to control your own backups of data or not…how recoverable from a disaster either on your end or the devs end or the cloud storage providers end you want vs the big company will protect me…do you want an app from a dev that focuses on individual users vs one that thinks business or enterprise is their customer focus…these are just a few.

I’ve use 1Password since v2 or so and Password Wallet before that…the latter I switched away from to get better browser integration, sync, attachments, and larger than one person shop reasons…my wife still uses it. 1PW has been great but the latest v8 has removed a bunch of features that many of their users including myself think are critical so I’m still on v7 until it dies…and if v8 hasn’t restored those features I will go elsewhere…Enpass is currently in the on deck spot but some of the KeyPass compatible apps like Strongbox are catching up to what 1PW v8’s lost but vital feature set…so no final determination yet on my part.

One post in either this or a similar thread suggested that most Tidbits users are sophisticated enough to roll their own solution…I strongly disagree with this as (a) most tidbits users are not app devs and (b) most of them are not encryption or security experts…so users need to pick their poison based on features they require…and then make sure the master password for their vault is good enough…which in 2022 means it needs to be long…these todays length is the only password requirement that really matters any longer for reasons too long to easily explain here.

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