More mini Mac mini

We made the Mac mini ACTUALLY mini!

This is a fun video about how the Mac mini design wasn’t changed when they made an M1 version and how much smaller it could be. They took the components of an M1 Mac mini and put them in a smaller case they designed, adding some features along the way, like making it completely fanless and adding a MagSafe(ish) power connector. A lot of the size reduction is thanks to switching to an external power supply instead of an internal one (it’s also how they fashioned a magnetic power connector).

A site called was involved and may be of interest for their products/services such as a DC power conversion of Mac Minis or Apple TVs for use in vehicles (cars, boats, RVs).

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TBH I would have been more impressed if they accomplished the space savings without pushing the PS to an external brick. While I like svelte computers, achieving supposed compactness by just adding a big fat power brick for my feet to bump up against and cables to get my toes caught up in, to me makes no real sense. But obviously, to each their own.

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It’s all fun and games until your computer melts down.

It’s fine, the MacBook Air is fanless and modern processors are good at throttling themselves to limit how much heat they put out. If they had a bigger budget, they could have designed a metal case to be a heat sink.