Monterey Upgrade Issue? Apple Notes - Export to PDF

I am writing to ask whether anyone else is encountering, and has resolved, an issue I have encountered since upgrading to Monterey this past week.

Apple Notes no longer properly creates PDF files when I click File > Export to PDF… when the note being exported is a handwritten note more than one page in length. Said another way, if I take notes during a meeting on my iPad using Apple Pencil, those notes (if longer than one 8.5x11 page) no longer export as a proper PDF. I typically will get a PDF with multiple blank pages, some of the handwritten note, but only a portion.

I keep thinking, really? Could this really be Monterey? I have searched Google and have not seen similar reports, so maybe this is just something bizarre with my system after the upgrade.

I have figured out a laborious workaround. I print to PDF from a device other than the MacOS computer, either on an iPhone or iPad: Click “…” then “Send a Copy” then “Markup” then [the square with up arrow button] then “Save to Files”

But seriously? Monterey cannot generate a proper PDF from a native application, Apple Notes?

You’re not the only one seeing it

I experimented by creating a long written note on my iPad. under the current version of IPad 15. Printing and Exporting the PDF of the note had the same effect. However, results differed between an Intel iMac and an Apple Silicon MacBookPro. On the Intel machine, the PDF had 4 pages, with text only on the 2nd page. The Apple Silicon Mac had 2 printed pages followed by a blank one. Neither result showed the complete note.

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Not to excuse Note’s broken export function, but in the meantime you could try using Exporter which will export attachments as well as text: