Monterey Safari connectivity issues

On my new 14" MBP with Monterey I keep seeing Safari connectivity issues. After not using Safari for a while, it will have trouble loading any page at all. Sometimes a restart helps. Often it doesn’t. I know network connection is good because I usually have a Zoom going on at the same time which shows no signs at all of network trouble.

I can usually get Safari to start loading pages again, believe it or not, if I launch Firefox and use that to load a page.

I have managed to narrow it down to being on wifi. I have yet to see it occur when on Gigabit. But I see it on at least two separate wifi networks that are entirely unrelated.

Anybody see anything similar? Any ideas? I have to admit I’m a bit suspicious of the Cisco VPN stuff running in the background even when VPN connection is off (it has been off when this happens). I need the Cisco VPN crap for work, but there’s no recent release being pushed to us for Monterey compatibility (last update was in April). I wonder if this could be related, but I really have nothing specific to go on here.

I should perhaps add that in some cases I see Safari regain connectivity on its own after many minutes. :confused: