Monterey, DMG Archives, and Permissions Mash-Up

I’ve had a fairly long standing problematic issues/observations with regard to .dmg archives, permissions, and now some new buggy observations with regard to how Monterey handles .dmg archives.
Let’s start with the latter first.

  1. I have seen a definitive problem with how Monterey manages dmg free-space count.
    Basically, it does not read it correctly at all.
    An example a 4G archive in either Mac OS Extended or APFS format with archived audio files.
    The Status bar shows 4G available space for the disk image, regardless of its contents.
    Repairing the archive with Disk Utility can correct its space calculation, but not permanently.
    For instance, if files are added or deleted, the next time the image is opened we’re back to 4G.
    Also Monterey is a slow opener for these disk images.
    Seems like a bug to me.
  2. Permissions: despite the fact that Apple discontinued the need for repairing permissions, conveniently through Disk Utility, numerous .dmg files, and at random times, will have access to files, permissions, denied.
    This happens even if the archive was created by the User.
    I have a lot of old archives of my Canon digital photos which need a permissions correction to the file and a reboot to correct.
    I might add: This occurs even though these archives have checked the "ignore ownership"
    … does not make sense.

These symptoms also occur in Big Sur and Mojave, I simply focused on Monterey since there seem to be new performance issues introduced in Monterey.

Thoughts please