Monterey 12.1 breaks Outlook For Mac's search function

Despite TidBit’s recommendation to hold off on updating to 12.1 macOS and 15.2 iOS, I ignore their recommendation for both updates/upgrades. I reaped what I sowed. Monterey 12.1 broke my search function to find and identify emails in Outlook and contacts in Outlooks Contacts. This had happened even prior to the release of Monterey 12.1, but in that circumstance “re-indexing” Spotlight was effective to return the function. With 12.1, that cure misses and Spotlight does not re-index, and I am now unable to gather up emails and contacts when needed for various purposes. I want to thank TidBits for cautioning we readers to be circumspect about updates. I am now suffering with the fallout from Monterey 12.1.I doubt Microsoft will do anything to cure this (is it within their power?). And I wonder how long it will take Apple to cure and repair what it has circumstantially wrought. In either case, I could have waited, should have. Will I ever learn? Best, RESpatz

Don’t use it myself, but a quick search shows this problem is acknowledged by MS, and is affecting a whole bunch of people. I did see a couple references to work-arounds regarding O365 and the “New Outlook.” Here’s a thread where that “solution” is discussed. Hope it helps!

Dear Jeff,
Thank you for taking the time to assist me with references. Actually, I arrived late to the party. Despite the wording of my thread title, I have been aware of all that you have called attention for my benefit. WIth appreciation. As one will learn from past and present experiences, Apple breaks programs with new updates. The third party software people, who are known to break their own programs, but on point with this matter aim fingers at Apple. Apple at the third party creators, and we, their loyal clients suffer through these breaks. This particular problem is painful for me which is the reason I have gone public with my “whining”. And when faced with exclamations in addition to explanations, receiving news that we users must wait for one of the entities to fix it is less than comforting. I do feel supported by Jeff’s gracious time spent directing me to more of the bad news, which I had already received from Microsoft’s tech support staff. The important of the functions that were broken to managing one’s emails and contacts is grave and beyond tolerances for lengthy delays. I hope Microsoft releases that your turn to curtesy our turn to dance is the better choice and get this problem cured asap. Pretty please. Best, Richard

I believe it is important after introducing a problem with Office For Mac, specifically, Outlook For Mac and the loss of the search function for emails and contacts I encountered after updating to Monterey 12.1 when it was suggested that it would be prudent to hold off and wait to determine how 12.1 would fare. Well! New updates for Office just arrived with version 16.57. My intuition anticipated that this update would return the loss of the search function in office (and Apple’s Mail program?). I was correct. The first step I took was to restart Monterey after the updates were completed. Launch Outlook and type in, Oh!, “Amazon”. Voilà! The search function that was broken (by whomever) is now restored. I, for one, am extremely pleased for the obvious reasons that search for contacts and emails are an essential and frequently pursued. Thank you to those at Microsoft and any other entities who may have helped return the search function. I know I am going on about this. But…have a great search. Being grateful is a good thing. REShaman