Missing iPhone folder

I’ve created several folders for various apps on my iphone, and one of them has mysteriously disappeared. It stores several apps that I can search for, find and launch but I can’t actually find the apps on my phone! The folder used to reside in the bottom right corner on the first page of apps and folders, but it’s now gone and has been replaced by the first app that was on the 2nd page.

As mentioned, if I swipe down and search for any of the apps that were in the missing folder, i get a search hit for them, and can tap to launch them. However, when I check every single folder that I have, I can’t actually see the apps when i look on the Home Screen pages. I’ve restarted the phone but that doesn’t bring the missing folder and its contents back. I did just update to iOS 16.4 a few days ago, so I’m wondering if that had something to do with it. Weird!

I had a similar issue but with a recently downloaded app, not a folder. I found it in a folder on the “App Library” page. I never use that arbitrary collection.