Mirror/Manipulate iPhone screen on Mac (without dev tools)

So Dell apparently has a Windows app that runs on some of their notebooks that will mirror your iPhone screen. More importantly, it appears to allow for interaction from your computer.

Is there anything like that on the Mac? Obviously, there’s dev tools that do (some of) that, but is there any regular consumer app that would for example allow me to use (not just display) my iPhone through my MBP’s screen and KB/trackpad?


Maybe I’m just not understanding their website right. To me it looks like that’s only for mirroring the iPhone screen, but it doesn’t support actually manipulating the iPhone from your Mac.

I’ve changed the thread title to make more clear what I’m actually looking for.

I’m using https://www.airserver.com/Mac (16€) and it behaves superbly, also because it uses standard protocols.
Users can mirror or cast their screen from any AirPlay or Google Cast compatible device such as an iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android or Chromebook.

Currently I use it everyday to mirror my iPad, used as a whiteboard with the Apple pen, in a Mac window to deliver my university online lectures with such window shared with MS Teams, Google Meet, or Zoom. It is very reliable.



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