Mirror Apple TV to iPad/iPhone

I use an AppleTV and stereo Homepods for listening to music. I don’t need a TV screen on all the time for this and prefer to turn the TV off. I am not particularly impressed with Homepod Siri selecting music and so currently must turn the TV back on to select my music.
It would be much better if I had an app on my iPad or iPhone that mirrored the AppleTV screen. A search of the AppleTV app store and other resources failed to come up with a solution.
Apple’s Remote app provides control of the AppleTV but it does not mirror the screen. I suppose I could give feedback to Apple to add this feature but won’t hold my breath!
Have I missed something?

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Any reason for using the AppleTV? Why not stream the music from your iPad or iPhone directly to the HomePods?

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I have access to more choices in my ATV music library. I can add Apple Music albums to it whereas I cannot with iPhone as I don’t use a merged (Mac /Apple Music) library - if that makes sense! (the last I tried a merge it wrecked my playlists and I had to restore from Time Machine)

In any case There are other situations where I might want to mirror the ATV on my iPhone instead of using the TV. Mirroring TO an iPhone is a simple concept but evidently difficult to implement!

Deleted a link a possible solution - got it wrong!