Mint Mobile?

Is anyone using Mint Mobile? I’m considering switching to it from a t-mobile pre-pay. Mint seem to have the best data prices and fairly good reviews, but paying a year in advance to get that best price gives me some qualms. I’ll eventually probably want three lines (current cell, move the landline, and ipad), so that would be a big up front commitment after the three month intro price, but a lot cheaper than regular cell plans if there are no major snags.

I’m not thrilled that they advertise a 55+ ‘special’ plan that’s identical to their regular plan, and worry that it reflects a not-completely-ethical philosophy in other areas too.

I have used Mint for the last 2 years, and have no issues with the service. Nice to save quite a bit of $ for cell service.

I think the 55+ plan is focused on providing support to move your existing service to Mint. Not sure I would call it “unethical” - just targeted marketing.

Thanks much. I missed the extra support for 55+ set up, but that’s still pretty small change compared to other senior plans.

I activated the trial sim I bought a while ago in my lovely new ipad air 5, and it works with the regular erratic and not great t-mobile reception/throughput (my house is lathe & plaster throughout, with cement siding). The big problem is that Mint blocks at least some mullvad servers, and I use mullvad full time now. It’s irritating to have to fiddle with servers to get a data connection. I’m certain it’s Mint because the t-mobile prepay has been fine with mullvad, and it’s also blocking my own web servers which allow all http/https traffic.

I’ve moved the sim to my old iphone 8, and it sends and receives calls and texts as expected, but of course I’ve run out of trial data already (only 250MB). I’ll set up the voice mail later today and get a friend to help exercise it, then likely sign it up for the first three months so I can test the mullvad thing more. If only it could be simple and perfect straight off, sigh.