Mimestream Brings Gmail Features to a Mac Email App

Originally published at: Mimestream Brings Gmail Features to a Mac Email App - TidBITS

You can access Google’s Gmail in desktop email clients, but its IMAP support can be awkward. Enter Mimestream, a native Mac app that uses Google’s Gmail API to more faithfully bring Gmail’s features to the desktop. Mimestream is still in beta and the developer has much to do, but you can try the app now for free.

A while ago Google declared IMAP access for Gmail as super secret. How is this Gmail API supposed to be better? In the documentation for the Gmail API (Gmail API Overview  |  Google Developers) I found this gem:

Note: The Gmail API should not be used to replace IMAP for full-fledged email client access.

I’ve been using Kiwi for Gmail for a couple years now and have been very happy with it. They are constantly updating and bringing the entire Gsuite experience to a standalone app on the Mac. One of my favorite features is supporting multiple accounts.

I’ve used Mailplane for many years and really like it. But…I’ve always liked Mail App’s appearance, though it’s horrible with Gmail. After trying Mimestream, I could be swayed if they get a few more Gmail features. Namely, the “Move To” feature (which is coming). Dragging to labels keeps me from using it full time.

If you haven’t tried Airmail, give it a look. I have a Gmail account and Airmail has met all my needs. Works on both iOS and Mac OS. Even works with Spam Sieve.

Products like Kiwi for Gmail and Mailplane are very nice specialized web browsers that only work with Gmail. Both make Gmail interface act more like a traditional mail app but you are still stuck with the Gmail interface. I’ll try Mimestream to see if it is more like traditional email.

In my experience very few people take advantage of Gmails options other than search. Almost everyone uses Gmails tagging like folders and would never apply more than one tag to an email even though this is a powerful feature.

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Will wonders never cease! Mimestream properly supports the anchor links in the ToC for the TidBITS issue, something that’s become increasingly uncommon despite being HTML 2-level stuff.

I’m really liking Mimestream, and the developer is highly responsive. Keep an eye on this one if you’re a Gmail user.

That’s pretty awesome.