Mimestream 0.35.2

Originally published at: Mimestream 0.35.2 - TidBITS

Brings a number of new features to the native macOS client for Gmail. (Free, 9.9 MB, macOS 10.15+)

I had stopped using Mimestream recently because of something really awkward about the default from address. Sometimes if I’m in account B and want to send email to someone I usually correspond with from account A, Mimestream would automatically change my from address to my account A from address. And then if I sent the email I would just get an error back because I’m actually still in account B and Gmail says you can’t do that. A real mess. That doesn’t happen in regular Apple Mail.

Anyway, the Mimestream team were very responsive to my mentioning this and have a fix for this in the latest version. So I will be back to beta testing Mimestream. Especially now that Gmail has relented on letting me keep my free legacy Gmail account with my custom domain.