Mimestream 0.33.3

Originally published at: Mimestream 0.33.3 - TidBITS

Adds support for accepting and declining invitations in Google Calendar. (Free, 9.1 MB, macOS 10.15+)

I hit publish a little too fast before realizing that Mimestream had two additional updates, including one today: 0.33.5 and 0.33.6. I’ve updated the post to reflect those changes. Apologies for any confusion.

Just to clarify something: Mimestream is free during its beta period, not perpetually free.

I had some problems with this feature but a settings change in Google Calendar fixed it.

Go to Google Calendar settings and scroll down to Event Settings, what do you see for the last drop-down (Add invitations to my calendar)?

Is it From everyone or When I respond to the invitation in email?

If it is When I respond to the invitation in email change it to From everyone