Microsoft Office Update Nag ribbon

Does anyone know of a way to shut off MS Office apps’ update reminder. I’m running a recent version of Office (2021, I think) on Catalina. I would gladly update Office except for the fact that, in order to do so, I would also have to update MacOS, which I cannot do on this hardware. I am mystified as to why Office requires an OS upgrade in order to update their office suite but I’m only a user. Now, the reminder pops up every time I open Word or Excel and I cannot find a way to turn it off. Does such a thing exist?

Maybe delete the Microsoft Update app (but save a copy on an external drive). I did this many years ago to fix this annoying issue. Don’t know if it will work with the latest versions of Office.
It is a bit like getting rid of the irritating Paper Clip in the early days of Office - I found I needed to rename the Actors folder (or directory - it was Windoze 95) to prevent it popping up.

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Hadn’t thought of that. I’ll check it out, although that seems like an extreme measure. Maybe there’s a setting for the MS AutoUpdate app itself that I can tweak? I have the “automatically check for updates” box unchecked but it seems to ignore that setting.

Here are some tips. I haven’t tried them and they could wreck your setup (particularly Terminal commands) so use with caution…


However, you might want to regularly check for updates so I recommend moving the file/folder to another location instead of deleting it.

BTW - one of these pages mentions that, as you have found, unchecking the autoupdate box does not stop the annoyance.

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