Microsoft Office 2019 Update 16.41 Excel problem

I recently updated and encountered a problem with an older xls-formatted spreadsheet.

When I tried to open it, Excel said it was corrupted. It gave me the option to open the file but it contents were jumbled and unrecognizable.

I opened a copy of this file on another computer with Excel 16.40, no problem, and was able to save it in XLXS format and transfer it to my main computer.

I have not encountered this problem opening other XLS spreadsheets, so not sure if this is an intermittent bug with version 16.41 or truly a corrupted file.

Just passing this along in case someone else has the same experience.

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If the content of the file is not sensitive, I would create a bug report with Microsoft and send them the problematic file.

I’m not sure what the best way to submit a report might be, but the Office support contact page might be a good place to start: Microsoft Support

Unfortunately after I ‘salvaged’ a copy of the file and saved it in the latest format, I deleted the original file…

Just realized the problem also exists when trying to open certain (but not all) XLXS formatted spreadsheets. Deleted and re-installed Excel, updated to version 16.40 and problem disappeared.
Definitely a problem with Excel update 41 !

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Maybe Excel .42 will fix the problem.


Ah, the joys of software.

(and attempting to find the appropriate channel to report a bug.)