Microsoft AutoUpdate 4.18 problems?

Am I the only person for whom MAU 4.18 refused to update itself to 4.19?

It stubbornly refused to install, offering some generic error message that told me nothing. After dealing with its incessant Notification Center popups for days, I manually downloaded the update from Microsoft, and it installed immediately and without complaint.

Welcome, Will M.! How will people tell us apart? (Hint: I don’t have punctuation in my name.)

Because I was traveling, I missed 4.18, but 4.17 updated itself to 4.19 with no hesitation. You might visit and download the new version and install it manually.

Hey, Will!

I hope there is no confusion for others about our usernames. I can’t seem to change it, but if confusion does arise, I will be happy to ask for administrative assistance in changing it. I have at least slightly modified my display name, as you can see.

I didn’t have any problem with moving from 4.17 to 4.18, either. That made me curious as to whether or not there was a problem that had been introduced in 4.18, so I made the post. Your travel might have caused you to dodge a proverbial bullet :slight_smile:

I did indeed manually install the 4.19 update with success.

My update from 4.18 to 4.19 took place using AutoUpdate 4.18 without issue.


Thanks, @alvarnell.

I thought that was probably going to be the case, but I thought I would ask around just to be sure, because the lack of any useful error message seemed so odd.