Method to Delay Messenger message send time

For my Gig Work I need to check in after Midnight each work day to establish the order in which workers get jobs. The first person in the chat gets the first job and so on in order of posts to the chat.

Does anyone know of a utility or way to code a delay in the message send time to allow me to pre write the required message at a normal-bed-time and have Messenger send that message at the latter time. At the moment, its a competition between workers to get in the first post of the day at 0000 hrs. At my age I don’t want to stay up till midnight each day to set work for a 0900 hr start.

Messenger does not seem to have and Shortcut links and Google is unlikely to add them.

A pity you are not using emails for this task. Filemaker (database app) could be used to manage and send emails in the manner that you describe and keep a very good record of the transactions.
Most SMS messages are via the phone system rather than the internet and so it seems that managing them with a Mac is extremely unlikely. Maybe there are Applescripts that can interact with the Messenger app on a Mac (that would need to share SMS messaging with an iPhone). There are some related tips here:

I expect it would also be difficult to manage SMS with an iPhone app in this way but it is worth a search of the App Store.

Try Zappier or If This Then That. They have various workflows that interact with Twitter and various messaging services. You can have them triggered by an action (a new tweet or email) or time based.

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If it’s just that you have to be the first to raise your hand after midnight, you could schedule an email (such as, using gmail) to send a message via an email->SMS gateway. But if you have to respond to a group chat after a “ready, set, go” message is received, I think you’re unlikely to find an automated solution that won’t be more complicated than setting a wake-up alarm for 11:58PM and doing it manually.

Thanks for the tips link, I’ll look through the list there.

Unfortunately, the company controls the method for communications and chooses to use “Messenger” as the chat Application because it is cross platform and free.

I’m wondering if I should use a virtual boot partition on my Mac and run MS Windows to do the job. It has been suggested it could be done easily in that operating system but it would mean buying one of the virtual Apps and I’m not sure about the future of that on ARM Mac’s.

The only trigger is the time, so that sounds like a possibility I could research. Thanks

Thanks I will look at those