Merging AirPods into one

About 18 minths ago, I lost my left AirPod in Tel Aviv. I could see it on a map, but trying to return back would be too expensive, so I bought another pair.

About two weeks ago, I fell from an electric scooter and my right AirPod no longer works.

Hmmm… What if I could take my old right AirPod and use it to replace my broken right AirPod? The problem is that Apple recognizes both as being separate AirPod sets. Simply putting the old right airpod into my new case doesn’t seem to make it work.

Is there a way to merge the two AirPod Pros together?

You’re close. Unpair the AirPods in Bluetooth Settings, removing them from your device and iCloud. Press and hold the Reset/pairing button on the case, with both pods inserted and the lid open until they are reset. You’ll know it worked because you get a series of beeps from the case. Then re-pair the pods, as usual. It should be working now.