Malwarebytes Subscription Woes

I just got my 30 day warning that my subscription will renew. Seems I still have five devices listed (and paid for), but I’m only using three. Thought I’d go and cut down to just the three I’m using, but while I can easily add more devices (and cost), this is what I get when I ask how to reduce the number of covered devices:

“System limitations”? I know BS when I see it. I opened a support ticket and turned off auto-renew. They have 30 days to cut my subscription to three devices, or I’ll cancel and uninstall.
They’ve had four years of subscription from me, and during that time not one item of malware has been detected. Makes me wonder what I’m paying for!


Looking at their pricing page, I would read the description of the Premium subscription as up to five devices. Unfortunately (for you) it looks like you’d still need Premium even if you only wanted to protect three devices. But as you say, you seem to be staying out of trouble from malware by yourself, so the point is moot.

That confuses me even more! I’m about to be billed $279.98CDN - which must be the cost of five separate single device subscriptions!

I can’t address your situation but want to add that I had a horrible time renewing my subscription. I had it on auto renewal but, unfortunately, my credit card had been hacked and a new card with a different acct. number was sent to me. So, I wanted to go into my Malwarebytes account and change the card. Unfortunately I had used PayPal for the original pay source. It was a nightmare. I tried everything but could not change the pay method. I went to their “support” system and nothing worked as they said it would. I tried to chat and ended in an endless circle of programed responses to no avail. I field a support request, received a number and then heard nothing beyond that. It was a nightmare.

I finally was able to change the payment method but for the life of me I am not sure how or why. Then, AFTER my new payment went through, I received an e-mail saying the support request was closed because they saw the payment was made. Huh???

I really like Malwarebytes software and have it on all my devices, but their support really disappointed me.

I hope you are able to get your situation resolved because the programs are really worthwhile and helpful.

No reply from Malwarebytes support as yet. It’s worse than I thought - on looking into my subscription in detail I am being charged for five single Premium subscriptions, rather than one that covers five devices, plus for their “Privacy” option, which looks like it is a VPN I do not use and have never installed. Best of all, they have charged me for a two-year subscription that began 18 months ago and which they say is expiring in four weeks, which is five months short of two years. I’ve uninstalled the lot and will not pay them a penny in future.

Privacy is their VPN. I’m not surprised you haven’t heard from them. If you would like I would be glad to e-mail you a copy of the e-mail they sent me communicating their “thanks” when I wrote back following their “closing the case” e-mail. That might give you someone with whom you can communicate.

As I said previously, they were totally unresponsive until I was able to resolve the issue. Then it was to say that since I was renewed the issue was resolved - there must be a genius in that organization somewhere ;-P The software is good but support is awful.

Thank you for the offer, but I don’t think I want to have further business with them, even if they sort this out (which seems very unlikely).


Hi, I work for Malwarebytes, and hopefully I can help. First, I’d like to say that we definitely know that there are problems right now, and have some projects underway that will hopefully help.

For the downgrade, right now that’s something that has to be done manually, due to some issues with our payment provider, but I personally have been pushing hard for working to support this. It’s going to have to happen soon, as we’re working on connecting our subscriptions to mobile app store purchases, which can be downgraded on demand at any time.

It sounds like you have a support ticket open… is that correct? If so, please send me your ticket number. You can send it to treed at malwarebytes dot com. (Sorry for spelling it out, don’t want to feed the spam bots.)

Regarding Privacy, yes, that’s a separate app. If your subscription includes Privacy, you can download and install that on up to 5 devices as well… or 3 after you downgrade. Or, if you definitely don’t want that, support can help you with that as well. Your subscription cost would be a lot cheaper without the VPN.


Thank you, I have still heard nothing from support, and at this stage I’m not willing to go back to using it. The product seemed decent (although, as I said, no malware found in any device over four years…) but the lack of support, the, er, inaccuracy of the billing has made me lose trust. I shan’t risk it.

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I’m sorry to hear that, and I apologize for the bad experience. I can’t comment further without more information, though. If you’re willing to share more feedback with us, I can get you connected with our head of support.

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