Malwarebytes Reports on the State of Mac Malware in 2020

Originally published at: Malwarebytes Reports on the State of Mac Malware in 2020 - TidBITS

Malwarebytes Labs has published its annual report on the state of malware in the computer industry, with a section focusing on the Mac. The good news is that the number of malware detections is down 38% and very little detected Mac malware is dangerous; the bad news is that Apple’s security enhancements have made it harder to remove potentially unwanted programs (PUPs).


CNN posted a story regarding malware and M1 chips:

The media has made way too much of this. We should be concerned that 30K computers were infected, but the fact that it contains M1 code is not a big deal. Any developer that uses the current version of Xcode gets that capability automatically. And currently the infection does nothing malicious, just checks over the internet to see if it should be doing anything. Lastly the installer was disabled by Apple revoking the DeveloperID some time ago. At least 30 scanners have been updated to detect and disable it and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Apple update it’s Malware Removal Tool shortly to clean things up on most of the remaining 30,000 Macs that don’t run 3rd party AV software.

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More information regarding the Silver Sparrow malware:

Although those four files are common to both versions of Silver Sparrow, the original report contains a much more complete list of files installed near the end in the “Indicators of Compromise” section:

Is there a company named more unfortunately than Malwarebytes?