Make Your HomePod Pipe Down at Night

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Don’t want your HomePod’s Siri responses being too loud at night? Matthew Cassinelli has come up with a tip on how to automatically quiet the HomePod at bedtime.

Thanks Josh! Because of your link to Matt’s article, and thanks to Matt himself of course, this tip broke the last barrier to me finally purchasing a HomePod - just picked one up for $199 (price matched Best Buy’s sale with another online merchant). Can’t wait to get it and put this tip (and others) into action!

I paid $199 for mine, and I feel that’s a pretty good price for one. Great hardware, mediocre software. My biggest annoyance with it is that it hijacks almost every “Hey Siri” query, but then tells me I have to do that on my iPhone. If Apple would just let me have an alternative activation phrase it’d be a 100% better product.

The tips are very useful. I also added an automation to increase the volume at 7:30am. “Test this automation” was good for checking the resulting sound volumes (after the 4th go at asking for the time I was expecting Siri to respond with “You’ve already asked me that”)
I don’t have my other Apple devices responding to “Hey Siri” but I agree with Josh that a special phrase (“Hey Siri Homepod” or even “Hey Homepod”?) would be handy.

Great tip! Thanks.