Make window go to background (not hide)

(Simon) #1

Is there a key combo to make a window go to the very back? I don’t want to hide it entirely (or minimize it to Dock), but I want to make sure any window it might be obscuring becomes visible. I can use Exposé for that purpose, but with many windows open it can get quite hard to distinguish one from the other.

(Jim Chaffin) #2

It’s not a bug! It’s a feature… that’s not implemented! ;+)
Actually, I am constantly using the command-tab shortcut to show me the icons of running apps. Then, keeping the command key down, I press the tab key (again) to move the highlighted icon to the next one to the right. With the desired icon highlighted, you can simply release the keys and that app becomes the active one. Unfortunately, even then, you may not have the particular window you want if there are several open windows for that app open. :+|

(Erik Mueller-Harder) #3

I think Many Tricks’ Witch will do this. Recommended.