Mailplane Stops Selling Licenses

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Faced with the inability to find an official solution to Google blocking embedded browsers from its login page, the developers of the Gmail-specific email client Mailplane have stopped selling licenses and are offering refunds to those who purchased in the last 60 days.

Here is some sad news.

I don’t use the app anymore, but I’m sad to see this news.

What do you use now? I still use Mailplane, and guess I need to start deciding what to do when it disappears.

I just use the Mail app, and will use Safari when I need or want to use the web interface.

I assume Kiwi for Gmail might also be killed by this new Google policy.

I’m trying Mimestream, which looks nice, but nothing seems to have the feature I most used in Mailplane - being able to log in to multiple Gmail accounts separately and use the web interface.

I hope Mailplane survives long enough for me to learn all the ins and outs of Mailmate. It looks like a good choice for multiple Gmail accounts. At least I hope proves to be.

I don’t understand. The Gmail API opens a special url in the browser and then the app gets a response.

As I understand it, Mailplane doesn’t use the Gmail API—it’s just pretending to be a normal Web browser.

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Exactly. Mailplane doesn’t use the API. It’s essentially a browser in an app-wrapper, which is what Google does not like, and apparently they were unable to find a way to make it work.

The way I read the announcement, it doesn’t sound like they got a lot of help from Google which should surprise literally no one, but I can’t say that for sure.

Now I understand.

There seem to be quite a few ways to wrap websites as Mac apps. e.g. Fluid, Unite, Flotato, Wavebox. Maybe they could be alternatives. I used to use Mailplane, but not recently.

There are other e-mail clients that are similar to MailPlane in that they are basically front ends for Google’s services.
So far, none of the others are reporting any problems:

Boxy ($29/yr)

Kiwi for Gmail (free/$30)

Mimestream (free while in beta)

However, if all of those are discontinued, and for some reason you don’t care for Apple’s Mail, there are a large number of third party e-mail clients for the Macintosh. Here’s a list:

Macintosh Email Software

Mimestream is completely different. It uses the API, not a web browser.

Kiwi seems like it is the same idea as Mailplane, so not sure why Mailplane would be doomed and Kiwi would be fine.

Never used Boxy, so I can’t speak to that.

I’ve been a user of Mailplane since it was first released. But for some reason, a couple of months ago, I decided to give Mimestream a try. It is fantastic. So while I am sad about Mailplane going away, I’m happy to have a great option.