Mailing-list page does not load

TidBITS by Email - TidBITS does not load.

Error 524 Ray ID: 405c67d29c294fc3 • 2018-04-03 15:02:14 UTC
A timeout occurred
You Browser Working (Denver)
Cloudflare Working Host Error

And… it’s back, but clicking “Login” on that page took me to the wordpress admin screen for tidbits.

So… that can’t be good.

We’ve seen that happen a few times, but haven’t been able to figure out why just yet. It won’t have any significant controls, but isn’t the best user experience.

I cannot seem to check if I am subscribed to the list for the issue, so am not able to troubleshoot why I didn’t get yesterday’s issue.

I tried it again and got the wp-admin screen again.

I’ve reported it to Eli so we’ll see if he can figure out what’s happening.

If you get the proper profile page, you’ll have a checkbox to see what you’re subscribed to.