Mail oddity 2

I’m having trouble setting up a email account in mail (current OS).
Going through the normal route of adding an account everything works until the verification part.
Mail replies with username/password is incorrect etc.
Using the exact same username & password, logging in via’s webmail portal works reliably every time.
Is this a Ventura issue or a Mail issue?

As an aside, how do you rebuild the mail db on an iPad?


“Mailbox / Rebuild” a the bottom of the Mailbox menu.

Where do you see a “Mailbox” menu on an iPad?

The only way I know of to rebuild a an iPad/iPhone mailbox is to delete the account and set it up again.

I was going to say thanks for that but…
Like Al, I cannot find this Mailbox Menu

I have the Take Control book and that only mentions that on MacOS. No mention of rebuild at all on iPadOS or iOS

Uh, good drugs? I missed that that the second question was an iPad question rather than Ventura, sorry… :-}