Mail oddities in iPadOS 15.6.1

Since upgrading, I’ve been having problems with viewed messages not staying marked “Read” in Mail, and with Deleted messages not showing in Mail but not actually being deleted on the server. Anyone else working correctly or not? Next step is to work though my ISP support.

It appears deleted messages aren’t being moved to the Deleted folder on the server. Just left in the Inbox marked unread. But IPadOS Mail doesn’t show them there. What the…?

Setting on the iPad says the “Deleted Mailbox” is the Trash folder on the server, as it has always been set. But I also see an option to set it to the Trash folder on the iPad. Why the two options? And putting them in Trash on one device prohibits their recovery by another Mail client on another device.

Stupid idea but did you check that the “show unread only” filter button is turned off in the menu? That would cause your behavior. Bit me a couple of times.

No, unfortunately (I know exactly what you’re talking about). When I look at the server via their web interface I see all the deleted messages still in the Inbox, marked Unread. But iOS and iPadOS Mail don’t see them in the Inbox at all.

Not that I am much help here, but you say on “their” server. What is the host email system? Can you manually drag them to the “trash” folder rather than hit delete?